Start Preparing for GHS Changes Now!

Incident Management 101: How to Create a Safer Workplace through Better Hazard Identification, Incident Response, Investigation and Corrective Actions offers an in-depth look at the elements and processes of a robust workplace incident management program. Our resident EHS Experts offer proven strategies for everything from increased hazard awareness to implementing an effective corrective actions management program, along with tips for building a workplace safety culture rooted in prevention.

Download Our Sample HazCom/GHS - Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

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Are You Ready for the MSDS Churn?

  • Every safety data sheet in the United States will need to be updated in the next couple of years

  • Give your employees familiarity with the new format

  • Note the standardized hazard elements in Section 2

  • Make sure everyone in your facility is on the lookout for the new SDSs

If you are a chemical manufacturer or distributor, keep in mind that with Health Canada's adoption you will be required to reclassify your chemicals and update your safety data sheets into this new format.

Sample HazCom/GHS - Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

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