The Rules of Engagement: The Dos and Don'ts of Securing Buy-In to Your EHS Programs

11:00am ET

We all know that EHS culture is important. Deep down, we probably realize that even the best written EHS policies won’t matter without the full engagement, or buy-in, of our workforce. But how do we do that? Much guidance about best practices for EHS engagement is more aspirational than pragmatic, and is notably lacking in concrete steps you can actually take to improve EHS engagement.

If you’re in EHS management and have ever been frustrated with the lack of specificity in much of the guidance about improving EHS culture, this webinar is for you. We’ll give you real, actionable advice to re-evaluate your incentive programs, more effectively create the conditions for safe behaviors, and improve your safety performance.

  • Understand the differences between different kinds of incentive programs, and the effects your incentive programs can have on employee buy-in to your EHS programs
  • Learn how to apply insights from behavioral sciences to strengthen your EHS culture, including how to tailor feedback to be more specific and more effective for individual employees
  • Realize the ways everyday management practices may be unintentionally undermining worker participation and support for your EHS programs

Are you getting the buy-in you need for your EHS programs?