Root Cause Analysis: Improve Investigation of Incidents, Near Hits and Hazards

8:00am ET

You spend your time focused on safety, but do your employees believe that you care about their safety? They might not, due to common and unseen failings in your incident and audit management practices. These failings typically stem from flaws in root cause analysis. For instance, many of us focus on myths about "unsafe behaviors," "human factors," and other one-time factors as the causes of safety failures, while overlooking the true recurring, and systemic issues undermining our programs. They might also fail to use the root cause analysis process as often as they should, missing opportunities to apply it to near hits/close calls, audit and inspection findings or any other activities that identify hazards and risks. 

As a result, we may often leave risks unidentified and unaddressed, and find that our safety performance suffers. This can also impact compliance with regulations such as Control of Major Accident Hazards (COMAH), Seveso III Directive, and directives issued under the Occupational Safety and Health “Framework Directive,” as well as with international standards such as ISO 45001.

This webinar will help you improve your root cause analysis. When you attend this presentation, you’ll learn: 

  • How a good root cause investigation can build employee support and “buy in” for safety initiatives and improve your EHS culture
  • Key “why” questions that are fundamental to both approaches for determining root cause, whether you're investigating serious incidents, near hits/close calls, or hazards and risks identified through audits or inspections
  • How to use the results and findings of your investigation processes to the maximum benefit especially for establishing and completing corrective actions (CAs) to avoid incidents and accidents in the future

Bring your root cause analysis to the next level!