OSHA Recordkeeping Infographic


Recordable or Not Recordable? Know the Difference.

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For many employers, it can be difficult to know how to connect their workplace incidents with OSHA’s Recordkeeping Standard, 29 CFR 1904. To help simplify the process, we’ve created a tool that can help users easily determine which workplace incidents are OSHA recordable or reportable. This guide can be used as a reference for EHS professionals, to help them know with confidence exactly when, as well as the exact number of hours, that certain incidents need to be reported within.

  • Save this Decision Tree to your PC or mobile device, or print and hang it in your work area for 24/7 guidance anytime an incident occurs.
  • Eliminate even more of the guesswork with the cloud-based VelocityEHS Incident Management solution.
  • Don't forget to post your OSHA Form 300A every February 1- April 30 in a conspicuous location for employees.