Why OSHA's Recent HazCom LOI Means You May Be Out of Compliance

Wed, May 29, 2019 at 11:00 am - 12:00 pm (ET)

Do you import chemicals from foreign suppliers? According to OSHA, you may be out of compliance if the foreign-supplied SDS does not contain domestic contact information in Section 1, and may even need to author a new SDS that meets HazCom requirements.

This 60 minute session will review and discuss a recent OSHA Letter of Interpretation (LOI) on Safety Data Sheets (SDSs), including guidance on who OSHA considers a compliant Responsible Party, particularly for chemicals bought from a foreign supplier. In some cases, that responsible party may be you, which means that you may very well be out of compliance if you have not met the obligations summarized in the LOI.

We'll also discuss other aspects of the LOI, including emergency contact requirements and clarifications on Hybrid documents like combined U.S. and Canada SDSs, and why you might be doing these wrong too. Don’t miss this important webinar session to learn how OSHA's expectations as outlined in the LOI affect your business, and the steps you can take to remain in compliance and improve your HazCom management.

  • Identify compliant vs non-compliant SDSs based on information found in section 1 of an SDS
  • Understand “Responsible Party” and emergency contact requirements as defined under the HazCom Standard  
  • Meet your responsibilities as a manufacturer, an importer, or a distributor according to the HazCom Standard  
  • Comply with OSHA and Health Canada requirements for deploying "Hybrid" SDSs and labels (i.e. SDSs and labels compliant under both US and Canada regulations)

Find out how OSHA's new HazCom LOI affects you!


About the Presenters: Kirk Nelson and Nick Stone

Kirk is a Systems Administrator of Authoring Services for VelocityEHS, and Nick is a Regulatory Specialist for VelocityEHS. In these roles, they help companies understand and meet their obligations under OSHA's HazCom Standard.