National Pollutant Release Inventory (NPRI) Reporting: Managing Compliance

The NPRI, managed by Environment and Climate Change Canada, currently tracks over 300 chemical substances, and helps ensure accurate information about chemical pollutants released to air, water, and land and pollutants that are disposed or recycled. Mandatory reports are due by June 1 of each year if you are subject to reporting requirements. Are you in compliance?

This webinar will take a closer look at NPRI reporting requirements and their potential impact on your business. We'll examine the history and purpose of the NPRI, take a look at how to determine applicability and complete the required reports, and discuss recent changes to requirements. We'll also discuss best practices you can use to maintain compliance, and the ways that modern chemical management software can reduce your workload by improving the visibility of your chemical inventory, the speed of your reporting, and your management of records.

  • Purpose of NPRI reporting
  • Determining applicability of NPRI reporting
  • Recent changes to reporting requirements
  • Best practices for maintaining compliance

Are You Ready for NPRI Reporting?