Millennials in the Workplace: How to Leverage Age Diversity and Improve Safety Performance

11:00am ET

Did you know that millennials will soon be the largest generation in the US workforce? It seems like a good time to learn more about them and how they compare with previous generations, so we can better understand how to create workplaces they'll want to be in, and see what insights we can learn to help us improve our management practices and safety performance for the benefit of all our employees.

In this webinar, you'll learn:

  • Who millennials are, and why they matter
  • Key demographic statistics about millennials
  • Strategies for better communication, engagement and retention
  • How to leverage age diversity in your workplace to improve EHS culture and buy-in

Join us to learn more about the generation that will soon outnumber all others in the US workforce, and what they mean for your EHS culture!