Managing Corrective Actions: Ending the Headaches and Improving Safety

11:00am ET

The job of an EHS professional is never done, and so much of what we do generates corrective actions! Many of the times we do an inspection, conduct an audit, or review training or regulatory compliance status, we find issues we need to fix, aka “corrective actions.” We wind up with more actions when we conduct risk analyses, such as Job Safety Analyses (JSAs), or use a Management of Change (MOC) process to review proposed changes to operations. When we have safety meetings, our employees bring issues to our attention, and that means even more corrective actions!

This is a vital and essential process for reducing risks, as recognized as recognized by international standards such as ISO 45001, But too often, management of actions is tedious and time-consuming, leaving little time to focus on your other sustainability and EHS goals.

This webinar will discuss ways to make sure you promptly capture all of the actions from your various EHS activities, so you can more easily follow up on them. We’ll also review ways to prioritize your management of actions based on associated risks, so you can reduce the time between assignment and closure. Finally, we'll discuss the role of an integrated software platform in improving your performance and the health of your EHS culture.

  • How to capture and track corrective actions from multiple EHS activities
  • Prioritizing and managing corrective actions
  • The importance of corrective actions to EHS culture
  • Best practices to improve actions management
  • The role of modern EHS software in helping you manage actions

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