OSHA's Lab Standard: How to Create an Effective Chemical Hygiene Plan

11:00am ET

OSHA requires facilities engaged in the laboratory use of hazardous chemicals to develop and implement a written Chemical Hygiene Plan (CHP). Of course, laboratories must also navigate certain requirements of OSHA's HazCom Standard. With OSHA's GHS alignment and a shifting regulatory landscape, it’s more vital than ever for EHS professionals to understand how to craft and implement an effective CHP to help keep their workers safe and their businesses compliant.

This webinar will discuss the applicability of the Lab Standard and the fine points of both creating and implementing a CHP. We'll also discuss the nuances of complying with both the HazCom and Lab Standards, and special challenges for laboratories, such as labeling very small workplace containers like test tubes and vials. You'll leave this webinar with a better understanding of how to maintain regulatory compliance and some actionable best practices to improve lab safety for your workers.

  • Applicability of the Lab Standard
  • Chemical Hygiene Plan Requirements
  • Safety Best Practices for the Lab
  • Training & Employee Monitoring/Industrial Hygiene Considerations
  • Hazard Communication/GHS Adoption
  • Label & Safety Data Sheet Requirements & Challenges

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