An Intro to Industrial Hygiene: Getting a Handle on Your IH Program

One of the key issues facing EHS professionals is the need to do more with less. As our baby boomer generation of EHS professionals retire, corporations are not replacing all of the EHS staff, and CIHs are in increasingly short supply. EHS professionals are required to expand their knowledge & skills to be able to manage IH, and it can initially seem to be a daunting task.

Many EHS professionals may view IH as a rarified subject that only CIHs or chemists can properly manage, but the good news is that managing an IH program is very similar to managing other safety risks. By breaking down the steps and relating the metrics to other risk management processes, EHS professionals newly tasked with responsibility for IH can run an effective and efficient program. Additionally, by relating the matrices to other safety programs, you can help all stakeholders from your frontline workers to your executive suite to more easily understand the importance of IH.

This webinar will provide a valuable introduction to IH for EHS professionals managing it for the first time. We'll discuss basic steps you can start taking today to demystify the process and get a handle on your IH program.

  • Strategies to demystify the process of managing IH through simple steps that can be taken by non-IH professionals
  • Ways that IH programs are similar to other risk management programs in EHS
  • Selection of similar exposure groups (SEGs), sampling methods, and analytical labs
  • How to interpret and act upon sampling results
  • Necessary actions to further assess EHS risks and monitor any adverse health effects

New to Managing Industrial Hygiene? You won't want to miss this webinar!