GHS/HazCom Pictogram Wallet Card


Keeping workers educated on HazCom’s new GHS pictograms and label elements can be a challenge, but our new wallet card can help!

Download This Wallet Card!


This free printable, laminatable, 2-sided wallet card is the perfect supplement to your required OSHA GHS/HazCom employee training. It helps reinforce what new GHS-aligned information they can expect to see on incoming shipped containers from manufacturers, distributors and importers and gives at-a-glance definitions of each GHS hazard pictogram.

This wallet card is a great tool for engaging employees on the topic of HazCom/GHS compliance and serves as a handy resource for anyone working with hazardous chemicals.

One side of the card features all nine GHS pictograms and the hazards they represent. The reverse side features the six required elements of an OSHA-compliant HCS/GHS shipped label.