EHS Technology: What's Now, What's Coming, and How Does it Help Me?

11:00am ET

The increasing availability of software and other emerging technologies is good news for EHS professionals, who can now do their job more easily and efficiently than ever before – as long as the right choices are made. But ironically, the variety of modern technology choices out there can also be overwhelming and make it hard to know where to get started. The newest and flashiest tools on the market aren’t necessarily the most useful.

In this presentation, we'll share an insider’s perspective on the best applications of modern technology, with special emphasis on ways of streamlining inspections and corrective action management, improving hazard communication and industrial hygiene management, and the benefits of powerful new ergonomics assessments tools using motion capture technology. Bill will also discuss the growing importance of mobile EHS management for capturing and accessing key EHS information from anywhere – a particularly important feature for industries that need to complete a large number of field inspections. We'll also review emerging technology trends and discuss strategies for successful implementation of EHS management solutions.

  • Learn the types of EHS software and technology tools on the market today, and the benefits of software as a service (SaaS) or multi-tenant software systems
  • Understand how specific key EHS tasks, such as inspections, incident and corrective actions management, HazCom and industrial hygiene management, and ergonomics management are easier using modern software, especially when combined with mobile capabilities
  • Learn the importance of staying focused on “big picture details” for EHS technology, such as which ones most align with your needs and will most likely result in real benefits, and which systems are easiest to use out of the box
  • Understanding best practices to facilitate user engagement and leverage your technology to improve EHS performance and culture
  • How to factor in security and privacy issues when considering emerging technologies

What kinds of EHS software are out there, and which matter most to you? Attend our new webinar to learn more!