EHS Performance Metrics: How to Drive Workplace Safety and Sustainability Through Better Data

In today’s fast-paced, high-risk business environment, no responsible management decision gets made without solid data to back it up, and that includes EHS management. When it comes to workplace safety and sustainability, the lives of your workers and the fate of your business can literally depend on the quality, accuracy and timeliness of the EHS performance data you collect. Being able to clearly see performance trends, quickly predict and manage risks, and accurately evaluate the effectiveness of your EHS and sustainability programs not only helps you better safeguard your employees and the environment, it can also unlock new levels of efficiency and productivity for your business. 

This webinar is for EHS professionals who are looking to implement a best-in-class EHS performance metrics program for their organization. Attendees will learn:

  • EHS Performance Metrics Program Basics
  • How to distinguish different types of metrics
  • Steps for building and maintaining your EHS performance metrics program
  • How to select the right EHS metrics for your business
  • Best practices for driving better decision making through enhance communication and reporting

Learn how enhanced data collection, analysis and reporting can help you maximize EHS performance!