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If your company manufactures, imports, stores or distributes hazardous chemicals in the United States, then OSHA's adoption of GHS created new compliance obligations for your business. Effective June 1, 2015, manufacturers’ of hazardous chemicals have been required to classify their chemicals using the GHS-aligned health and physical hazard classification criteria and to communicate that information to downstream users via GHS-aligned 16-section, safety data sheets (SDSs).

Whether you're working towards meeting GHS compliance obligations, or local national and international regulations, or simply need to create or update your safety data sheets (SDSs), our certified authoring professionals are available to help.


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Leave the complicated process of safety data sheet authoring to the experts!

Leave the complicated process of MSDS authoring to the experts. Our qualified MSDS authors will create GHS compliant safety data sheets and chemical product labels.


Simplify Your GHS Transition

According to OSHA's Hazard Communication requirements (29 CFR 1910.1200), you are required to review all known physical and health hazards of the chemicals you produce or import to determine if they are hazardous according to OSHA's newly adopted GHS classifications.

If you determine any of your chemicals are hazardous, then you are required to have a process for collecting and assessing hazard information and for generating corresponding safety data sheets and labels for those chemical products.You may also be required to do the same for EPA requirements.

MSDSonline can handle your authoring, allowing you to focus on day-to-day operations, as well as the important task of training your employees to ensure they are equipped to handle the chemical hazards in their work areas.



The Global Harmonization System (GHS) is a worldwide standardized approach to hazard communication, which is supported by the United Nations and regulatory agencies around the globe, including OSHA and Health Canada. In short, GHS can be summarized into three main components:

  • Standardized hazard definitions and symbols
  • Standardized MSDS format and content
  • Standardized hazard warnings and symbols on container labels

Thus, if you are a chemical manufacturer, you will likely need to re-author your MSDSs into the GHS format and ensure all labels meet the GHS requirements. VelocityEHS' staff of authoring professionals are prepared to help your organization author GHS-styled SDSs without putting unnecessary strain on your resources.



Our trained, certified professionals can author original SDSs, update existing MSDSs, translate new or existing MSDSs, and even review your existing inventory of safety data sheets to ensure all documents are in compliance with current regional regulations. 

All safety data sheets go through a critical review and quality assurance process to ensure complete accuracy. We employ experienced regulatory chemical experts and utilize robust authoring technology so you’re assured that your safety data sheets comply with all local, national and international regulations, including GHS, OSHA, WHMIS, EU, and other global GHS and country-specific formats. Additionally, our team can author technical data sheets and safety documents for exempt products such as articles and non-hazardous products.

Our value is simple – with our solid investment in certified professionals, infrastructure and an unwavering focus on service, VelocityEHS' MSDSonline brand authoring team provides you with both peace of mind and the opportunity to focus on your core business.